Garden party for four

A conversation about the last things

The twilight was long. But now it is dark. Although a few decorative lamps shine at the outer edge of the garden, the four at the table can barely make out the contours of their faces. On one side sits a couple who would probably describe themselves as agnostics. Opposite them sit two who make no secret of their faith in God.

Even when the sun was still in the sky, they had talked together about the last things. The mystery of life, the immutability of death and the uncertainty afterwards.

“Of course, I can see that faith gives you strength and direction,” the hostess says. “But I have not yet found access to God, if He exists!”

A pause is created.

Then one of the two guests says what the relationship with God means to him in a very practical way. Forgiveness for the legacies of the past. Security in today and hope in God’s presence in the future.

The conversation goes a bit in circles. But eventually lady of the house remembers an elderly couple in the neighborhood. “The woman had cancer and it was finally coming to an end,” she says thoughtfully, taking a sip from her glass. “One day, the cancer patient walked past our property, leaning on her cane. I addressed her, “It must be all very hard for her now, isn’t it?” – The aged neighbor replied, “It’s not easy, but I can never fall lower than in God’s hand!”

Well, who said that, has long since lost the battle against death. Several years have passed since her funeral. But her short sentence from then reverberates into July 2022. As a lasting statement. Yes, we all can and will fall. Even very deep. But we are not all alone. God is there. /KDJ