Gallery of the dead

A country at a dead end

Dead and wounded. Ex-president Pedro Castillo is in prison for his criminal activities, while his deputy Dina Boluarte rules in the palace. Radical groups in the south are demanding her resignation. Congress moved up the election from 2026 to 2024. But the demonstrators are not satisfied with that. They demand: The resignation of Boluarte, the release of Pedro Castillo, an immediate dissolution of parliament and new elections this year. Of course, this would create a dangerous power vacuum.

Due to the roadblocks, a cylinder of gas – important for cooking – in Curahuasi has increased from 60 soles to 100 soles. In Puerto Maldonado the price is already 300 soles.

In the coming week, the military will try to open the overland roads. This will not happen without bloodshed. Where it will all end, no one knows. The current chaos is the result of an uneducated and corrupt president who came to power with great promises and turned out to be an absolute “zero” after only a few days.

Despite the current limbo, a good 100 patients manage to make their way to the Diospi Suyana hospital every day.

The blood that was shed will never be forgotten. Pictures on a wall in Cusco of Peruvians who have died in clashes in recent days. (Pictures: Pit Werner)
Above, there is talk of oppression. However, this statement is not entirely correct.
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