Brazilian surprises

Isabelle Hach has the necessary South American flair

The paediatric nurse hailing from Weinheim is the first missionary working at Diospi Suyana who has a Brazilian passport.  Her Dad was born in the country of the Amazon, where Isabelle also spent several years of her life.  Full of enthusiasm she works in anaesthesia at the Hospital Diospi Suyana – a delight not only for our patients.  She motivates her team members by giving them electronic birthday postcards – each one tailor-made – compiling the encouraging and appropriate motives, the bible verses and the text herself.   And that is a good thing, since all of us can do with a good mood-booster when we embark on a new year of our lives.

Her commitment in Peru conforms to her nature of helping others in need.  It does not matter whether it is difficult or not, she and her husband Nathanael feel God has called them to rise to this challenge.

Isabelle, thank you very much for working long hours, even well into the night, in order to prepare these beautiful cards.  When it is her own birthday Nathanael takes over his wife’s creative role.

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