From the eye consultation of Dr. Ursula Buck

Friendship ends with bugs

Ophthalmologist Dr. Ursula Buck reports: “Every now and then, patients from the jungle show up here in the mountains. They sometimes have special findings. This week, a 49-year-old patient from Rainforest presented. He told that at work a bug flew into his face and deposited its juice near his left eye. Immediately he felt a searing pain. He flushed the eye with water, but it didn’t help much. Within a few days, the otherwise transparent cornea became cloudy and vision deteriorated rapidly.

When he came to our consultation, the cornea was already completely scarred. Small ulcers had even formed and the cornea had broken through. As a result, his aqueous humor had completely drained. Unfortunately, in such a situation, not much can be saved. We provided the patient with a contact lens and antibiotics and hope that the inside of the eye will not become infected. Small insects can occasionally do a lot of damage!”

A bug from the Peruvian rainforest. It has a colorful almost a noble appearance.
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