“Doc, I am coughing all the time!”

Tina mit Patienten Lungenfibrose slider

On the track of lung fibrosis

The two Indian ladies have had a long trip. They sat in multiple buses roughly 10 hours to reach the hospital Diospi Suyana. In the neighborhood somebody talked about the mission hospital. The mouth to mouth propaganda sounded so convincing, that they took the long trip upon them.

The older Quechua woman is hurting everywhere. But she complains most about her chronic cough. Dr. Martina John has an x-ray taken and finds signs for lung fibrosis. The woman has never worked in the mines. Is there a possible explanation for her lung disease?
In the conversation there is a hot trace. All her life she has cooked in her house over an open fire pit. Smoke, sooty particles and other harmful substances ended up in her lungs over the last decades. Then at some point the chronic tissue alteration began in her respiration organs.

The mission doctor listens and explains the situation. The atmosphere is affectionate and you can even hear a combined laughter coming out of the room. There is not very much that one can do about lung fibrosis, but both patients feel understood. Most likely they will soon encourage other patients to drive to Curahuasi.

Quechua Kueche
Black pots, smoke and soot
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