Four Camera Shots

A patient is on her way to the Operating Room. Up to 70 operations are performed in the hospital each month. With another Anesthetist (or even 2) we could increased that number to 150.

Benjamin Azuero sits at his desk developing dedicated computer programs for each of the hospital’s departments. The core program was donated to Diospi Suyana by a hospital in Ecuador, but it has to be adapted for the work in Peru.

Simone Klingelhöfer unpacks a brand-new ultrasonic machine from the “Erbe” company. It will soon be put to use in the Physiotherapy department.

Unfortunately not all packages arrive at the hospital in their original condition. In last Saturday’s shipping container 2 computers were discovered with broken casings. However, even with a squashed crate, 1 flat screen monitor managed to survive the long journey from Germany.

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