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Radio Diospi Suyana

Florence Nightingale lives

Today she is called Farida Robles

Florence Nightingale died in London on 13th August 1910.  She is The Role Model for nurses across the globe.  At the Hospital Diospi Suyana the Peruvian Farida Robles is following in her footsteps.  For ten years now she has worked exceptionally and exemplary in the treatment of our patients.  Yesterday, Tuesday, was the last time that this fact was proven true.  Having undergone gynaecological treatment three women were sitting at their communal breakfast table.  This early mobilisation is due solely to the head nurse who pays attention to such important things.  Her surname “Robles” translates as “oak”.  Her sacrificial care for our patients is solid and lasting.  Hence for Farida Latin expression rings true: “nomen est omen”.

Taken a couple of minutes ago: Dr Jens Haßfeld in the centre, to the left of him stands Farida Robles, Dr Jorge Cotrina laughs on the right, while the three thankful patients stand in the first row.

In this morning’s group photo Farida, who had just finished bedding a patient, stands next to gynaecologists Dr Jens Haßfeld and Dr Jorge Cotrina.  Dr Miriam Boeker, who is not on the photo, helped operating on the patients on Monday.

The three patients enjoying breakfast a day after their operations.  This is only possible, if the nurses help with their mobilisation.