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Finally a solution to a difficult situation has been found

The patient from the rainforest is over the moon

It is a story of long-endured pain.  At the age of 15, back in 1994, Gabi Soledad was involved in a car accident.  A pick-up hit her and smashed her left lower thigh.  It took two days before she reached a rainforest hospital; the treatment she received there was far from ideal.  Soon her leg was inflamed.  Despite having several operations in Lima her leg never healed completely.  Totally disheartened she returned to her parents’ finca and hobbled through life.

While browsing through the internet her sister came across Diospi Suyana, located a three-journey day from their home.  After a close examination by our team of doctors orthopaedic technician Daniel Müller suggested an orthosis.  Gabi now receives regular physiotherapy and has made such good progress that she can walk without any external support.  Understandably, Gabi Soledad is thankful and delighted.

Xray of the left lower thigh.
She can walk well with the orthosis.