Experts From Three Countries Highly Satisfied With the Plans

Slider Timothy Zook

The right direction

The plans for a Diospi Suyana media center were tested in the past few days by radio experts in England, Paraguay, and the United States.  All express their satisfaction.  Rudiger Klaue, who has 30 years of radio experience writes, “I’ve closely looked at your plans and I can’t find anything that should be different or that is missing.  I think its great what you are doing for the Andean people.

Yesterday afternoon Zook Timothy arrived from Indiana, United States.  He is a renowned specialist for antennas and satellite transmission and travels to many countries with “Reach Beyond.”  He also gives us a thumbs up.  The media center can be built.  Much praise was also received from a radio team in Edingburg.

Plaene Radio DS hr

Ground floor:  The top-left is a multi-functional TV studio, which is also suitable for an auditorium for 60-70 participants.  Screenings are possible.  Two radio studios with a direction room in between are to the right.  To the left is the archive room in addition to a film editing room.

Upstairs is space for a large conference room, a TV control room, three offices and a kitchen.  The TV studio extends over two floors to the roof.  Four toilets (two with shower facilities), two closets and a storage room complete the floor plan.

The building is to be erected on the hospital grounds between the operating rooms and the amphitheater.  Signals will be beamed to an antenna half a kilometer away on the mountain.  From there we hope we can relay our transmissions to the cities of Cusco and Abancay, reaching a potential 1.5 million listeners.

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