Everything that I am, I am because of Him

Dr Stathis volunteered for 3 months in Hospital Diospi Suyana. Yesterday we bid farewell to the experienced surgeon and his wife, Meryl. After a short appreciation speech by Dr John, Dr Stathis had a few words to add. “By nature I am a hard-headed man. Today I can say that everything that I am today, I am because of Him. Jesus Christ changed me completely and through this I have come to recognise the human suffering and have a desire to help where I can.”

Over the years Michael Stathis has volunteered in 15 different mission hospital in Africa, Asia and South America. His plan is to return to Australia for a short break and then perhaps to pack his suitcases once again and use his surgical expertise in a hospital in the Congo.

As we made our way home from the Brady´s mudbrick house, his words still rang in our ears. “Everything that I am, I am because of Him!” Michael Stathis was born in Greece 71 years ago and at the age of 18 an Englishman gave him a Bible. Undoubtedly this book has the ability to upturn lives. (Three fotos)

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