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Radio Diospi Suyana

Everything is fixed for the September 2020 presentation tour

Expect gripping talks

The flights have been booked as have the 12 public presentations in 6 German Federal States.  The first one will take place on 13th September; the tour ends two weeks later on 27th September.

The fitting roll-up to the presentation.

Of course the rules of social distancing will be adhered to.  Alcohol will be flowing, but only for those sitting in the front, the back, left and right, upstairs and downstairs, but not in any way for internal use.  The mask-wearing requirements will be in line with what the respective States will have determined by then.

Leave the Corona-Blues for two hours and allow yourself to be swept by us into a world full of coincidences and wonders.

Of course the missionary doctor will present his new book.  It has an ideal title “Auf dem Wasser laufen” (“Walking on the water”) for the current insecure times in which many feel that the ground they are standing on does not hold them.

All the tour’s details can be found on our homepage from 1st September.  There may even be space for one or two further presentations on this tour! Should you be interested please contact Karin Straßheim or Vera Schilp in our home office: info@diospi-suyana.org       Tel: +49 6447 886498