Every year – Independence Day

Diospi Suyana in the official parade

In all major cities and villages of Peru is celebrated on July 28. After the unctuous speeches and the flag-raising, the parades follow. Not only the schools, but also the various institutions of society run with it. The distance of about 100 meters – past the tribune with the dignitaries – is a patriotic duty. Of course, Diospi Suyana cannot be missing from this major event. The spectators in the central square reward each performance with grateful applause.

Then people shake hands and wish neighbors, friends and acquaintances “Felices Fiestas Patrias” (Happy Holidays of the Fatherland). For a moment, everyone feels like sisters and brothers. Glitz and Glory. The external effect counts more than the content. But everyone knows that and still likes to be there.

A greeting card from the Diospi Suyana media center
Just about to start – pupils of the Diospi Suyana School
Students from our school waiting for their performance.
The students marched in line – and to the beat.
About 100 employees of the hospital gave a good picture.
Group photos in all combinations
Bright faces under the shining sun
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