Here We Go Again

Das Rohr ist verlegt-der Graben kann wieder zugemacht werden

The multi-functional media center will be built

Dear Diospi Suyana friends and readers of the building report, This is the first week during my time here in which most of the construction workers are not at the school, but at the hospital.  Currently, we have already moved the sewer 2/3 of the way down the road.  Additionally, three workers have been making a temporary warehouse to store our things during the construction phase of the media center.

Personally, I’ve been trying to tackle a list of defects.  Something is missing in this corner, a piece of base molding, a wrong color, some plaster wasn’t quite finished, or a light is no longer working.  They are only small things, but they add up.  Unfortunately it also shows that while much work is carried out, sometimes its only 98% completed.

In some places it must be reworked again.  The rain of recent days has shown a few more places where water doesn’t drain.  This then causes more water and mud to be tracked into the students classrooms.  Therefore, the tilers are changing a few things to create better drainage.

The sports field has been now fully sown and should be playable in about 4 weeks. By the time they start school in a few weeks there should also be a beautifully trimmed window.  However, I wouldn’t want to do the cleaning, as they are sometimes very high.  At least the majority of our workers are used to working on scaffolding.

I wish you a beautiful and blessed weekend, Johannes

Das Bauhuetteninventar wird verladen
The site inventory is loaded.
Am Anbau fuer die Eisenbieger wird noch gewerkelt
Temporary office/warehouse near the site of the future media center.
Aesthetic repairs
Teaser Daniel Dressler bei Aussaeen
Daniel Dressler sowing grass seed
Es zeigt sich schon etwas gruen
Starting to show a bit of green.
Der Basketballkorb haengt
A basketball hoop attached in the gym.
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