Successful business man is electrified by Diospi Suyana


Sr. Carlos Franco Chipoco

equivalent of Bayern Munich).  10 days ago he watched a TV programme about Diospi Suyana.  Intrigued he wonders, can such a story really be true, and starts searching the web and finds the book “Dios es visible“ (“I have seen God”).  He sets out and, after an intensive search through several bookshops in Lima, finds the book.  Back at home he reads the book cover to cover unable to put it down.  On the spur of the moment he decides to see Diospi Suyana for himself and flies with his son and nephew to the missionary hospital at the weekend.

We do not know what will result from this visit, but what we do know is this: “The Hospital of Faith” brings many people to ponder.  In a radio interview Carlos Franco, who himself is a Catholic Christian, said, “Normally we hear of wonders and miracles that happened hundreds of years ago.  At Diospi Suyana we can see a story with our own eyes that reminds us immediately of the Bible.”

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