Encourager: Cirila Quispie from Abancay

Diospi Suyana says, “Thank you!”

Doris Manco and team have invested a lot of work and they were allowed to harvest the fruits. The 24-hour day of prayer from 23. until September 24 was an unforgettable highlight for all involved. Even the president of the Protestant Council of Churches (CONEP) came to Curahuasi with his wife and stayed in the radio studio for many hours. Cirila Quispe impressed us the most. The 76-year-old lady traveled alone from Abancay to be live at the microphone.

A total of 34 FM frequencies – including three secular ones – participated in the campaign. The theme: We pray for Peru!

Cirila Quispe sits at the front left.
On the left, Pastor Concha with his wife. The President of the Evang. Church Council came all the way from Lima to Curahuasi. In front of it, Doris Manco sits next to Cirila Quispe. (Front right) Norma Flores and her husband Jhony Bravo. These two also came from the capital to participate in the day of prayer.

I remember one of our presentations in 2004. We had no money, no equipment, and no employees. In front of the respective audiences, my wife Tina and I tried to enthusiastically promote a project that was completely impossible from a human point of view. Once, before my performance, I sat in one of the back rows and waited. In front of me, two men (they were doctors) were making fun of our leaflet. You had just read that you could support us with prayer. Like most Western Europeans, they thought prayer was a waste of time. A kind of religious bullshit.

In the fall of 2004, I presented our dream of a modern mission hospital for the Quechuas to a commission of officials in the German Development Ministry. When the ladies and gentlemen realized what a mammoth project I was talking about, they laughed derisively. “You’ve got your work cut out for you, but you’re hoping for help from above, aren’t you?”

All those who laughed then are no longer laughing today. Diospi Suyana became a reality and a blessing for hundreds of thousands. The poorest of the poor are helped and at a high level. Without the financial support of the German government, the UN or Bill Gates. Millions of people saw their faith in God inspired by the story of Diospi Suyana – completely independent of their denominational affiliation. Faith as realpolitik, not as detached reverie.

Last night, after my presentation in the Brazilian city of Nova Petrópolis, a stranger said, “I learned more about the faith tonight than I have in all my years in my church!” The director of the local city hospital asked me between door and door, “We would also like to have a computer tomograph here at the hospital, how do we tackle that?” – I answered her: “Pray”. /KDJ

A guided tour of the hospital of the city of Nova Petrópolis. The director Erica Zang Michaelsen shows me all the departments.
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