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Radio Diospi Suyana

Elias Haßfeld – an ambassador for Diospi Suyana

The downhill mountain rider creates a good atmosphere

He is only 13 years old, but is already in the focus of the cameras. On Sunday he won first prize in his age-group in a demanding downhill race held in the San Jerónimo District.  He needed a mere 6 minutes to overcome the 600m difference in altitude.

Mayor Percy Godoy Medina personally congratulated the cyclist to his victory. Furthermore, he presented him with a certificate and various presents for the management team of the missionary hospital.  Thereby the city administration expressed their thanks for Diospi Suyana’s work.

It is at least a 4-hour drive from Curahuasi to San Jerónimo. We wish Elias Haßfeld many more successful races, but only when he is wearing a helmet and the best protective clothing.