A trip full of opportunities

In Alba Julia mit Aerzten und Studenten

Analyzing a marathon

Yesterday Dr. John returned to Curahuasi. The recent trip with 39 presentations through Argentina, Germany, Austria and Rumania took a full month. 8500 listeners followed the talks. It took 8500 kilometers (appr. 5300 miles) by car and uncountable conversations. Although the missionary doctor didn’t ask for donations, a six digit figure was collected through the presentations. After the talks approximately 1000 books in German, Spanish, English and Romanian were taken home by the participants.

Last Thursday evening 10 Romanian doctors and students said good-bye in the town of Alba Lulia (photo above). The two lady doctors (left) will travel this week to Peru to get their own impression of Diospi Suyana.

After a trip is always before a trip. In September/October there are presentations planned in Ireland and Germany. In the fall it might be a trip to Argentina and Spain.

Absolutely independent of their worldview the most common assessment of the listeners is the following: ”We have never heard a story like the Diospi Suyana story!”

Nachts am Flughafen in Lima slider
Sunday morning 1:30am at the Lima airport. Everybody is tired.
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