A professional basketball player at Colegio Diospi Suyana

A teacher with a calling

Today we are introducing: Isolina Brescia Saavedra, an elementary school teacher, a decided Christian. After 9 years of schooling and work in the USA, she was employed by Elite schools in Lima as an educationist. Now the former professional basketball player belongs to the teaching staff of Diospi Suyana. In the fourth grade class here, she is facing 12 boys and 8 girls 24 hours a week.
The diversity of the family backgrounds couldn’t be any greater than in this class. Children of German doctors, of teachers and lawyers are learning together with daughters of day laborers and market vendors. But amazingly that doesn’t pose the actual challenge, because the social integration that is part of the vision in our school progresses fairly well. What is largely missing in the class is discipline. There are several reasons for this lack of discipline. The necessary attention is often missing in the home. Previous teachers have sometimes been lacking consistency. The analysis is complex and has to be rendered, so the kids can be helped.


Our profesora Isolina has stepped into a challenging assignment. It is a long way to teach the kids responsibility, self- restraint and motivation. We are convinced that awe before God is not just a religious slogan but it helps us to lead a successful life. How can you help Isolina? Through your prayers!



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