A usual parade


Had an important difference

Every Sunday morning a flag-hoisting-ceremony is performed on the Plaza de Armas.  The anthems of Peru and Curahuasi are played after which the representatives of the schools march past the grandstand.  The ceremony is the same week after week; the only difference being the speech, held by a representative of the institution responsible for the day to the assembled crowd.  Last Sunday Diospi Suyana had this “great honour.”

You can read the speech below.

The ceremony can begin.
The missionary doctors John hoist the Peruvian Flag.
Stefan Seiler (Head of Administration) and Christian Bigalke (our school’s headmaster) take care of the Flag of Curahuasi.


Dear Mayor, Danila Valenza, dear Governor Francisco Ccahuana Valdiglesias, dear dignitaries, dear Curahuasinos,

On 2nd October – a Sunday morning – the TV Chanel N broadcast a report on Diospi Suyana.  A certain Peruvian businessman was watching the programme in bed.  He was totally fascinated.  Immediately he searched the web for more information and came across the book entitled “Dios es visible” (I have seen God).  On his hunt through Lima’s bookshops he finally found what he was looking for and started reading the book about Diospi Suyana – from its beginning to its realisation – back at home.

He asked himself: could this story really be true?  God was spoken about so openly and how he works miracles through people who are prepared to serve Him selflessly.  He read about a God who answers the prayers of many and even performs miracles.

Without a moment’s hesitation he decided to visit Curahuasi with his son. His motive: to see Diospi Suyana, the hospital, the school and the media centre for himself.  A couple of days ago I met him in Lima.  He told me that he had felt God’s presence in the three Diospi Suyana establishments and that since then his life had changed dramatically.

This visitor from Lima understood plainly and clearly that Diospi Suyana did not focus on its bottom line.  Instead its focus is on being there for patients, children and people in need.  In an egocentric and materialistic world Diospi Suyana is a living proof that a better way exists: to trust the God of the Bible 100%.

Recently the ninth year of the hospital came to an end.  In the last week of June our 200,000th patient came to Curahuasi.

The mother of eight had come from a village in the Puno Province.  Our patients come to our hospital with their friends and families.  This means that over 400,000 Peruvians have heard the good news about Jesus Christ in our hospital.

You are surely aware of the fact that we are extending our hospital in order to accommodate and help more patients.  Currently 62 missionaries and 170 Peruvians work at Diospi Suyana.  Our school is growing: through our investment in the physics and chemistry departments we are currently improving its infrastructure.  The parents value the teaching quality and the dedication of the staff under the leadership of Christian Bigalke.

On 31st August we opened a new chapter: a Media Centre headed by Doris Manco.  We want to offer a good radio and TV programme and aim to reach the farthest corners of Peru with the best message of the world!  If we trust and believe in Him, God loves us and waits for us with open arms.

Yesterday building engineer Udo Klemenz and I climbed “Capitan Rumi” – from this hill overlooking Curahuasi we were able to see the hospital, the Media Centre, the school and the house for the Diospi-Suyana-Children’s-Club.  We thank God for all His provision.  Almost a decade has passed since we began our missionary work here.  In spite of many hurdles we have experienced incomparable growth.  We constantly try to help and heal the poorest of the poor through the strength and in the name of Jesus Christ.

Our life is fleeting.  My parents died in 2010 and 2011, my wife’s mother has been diagnosed with lung cancer and her father is coming to terms with his life after a stroke: we experience human suffering in our closest surroundings.  That is the reason why we cling tightly to the cross of Christ.  We thank God for the empty grave of Easter Morning and rejoice that we always have the presence of the Holy Spirit with us.

It is our heartfelt wish that our work on earth pleases God and that in the years ahead Diospi Suyana’s light will continue to shine in the darkness. /KDJ

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