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A small needle, but many needle pricks

Medication at night, but without any fun-factor

The four-day old girl is screaming her head off.  She is ill and a vascular access needs to be established.  The paediatrician and the nurse are doing their best.  It almost drives you crazy.  The small blood vessels burst open again and again.  The hours tick by.  Finally the cannula was successfully inserted.  Everyone breathes a deep sigh of relief.  But during the nappy change early the next morning the cannula slips out again.  Thus Sunday starts as Saturday ended: meticulous precision work standing around the incubator.

Work in the medical field is sometimes fun, more often, however, it is arduous.  If you work at something enthusiastically it generally flows much more easily and sleep deprivation and delayed meals do not matter that much.  A sense of duty ensures that you stick at it for several years as does the knowledge that you are doing the right thing.  Your job as a real calling.  Mission and keeping going, even when the going gets tough, is a calling from God. /KDJ