A fun colleague weekend with a serious topic


Considering human suffering, can we believe in God?

Twice a year the colleagues work through an interesting topic during a weekend seminar. From Friday to Sunday, Pastor Miguel Guimet spoke from the most well-known book of world literature, about “suffering”. Since 3000 years, Jews and Christians are studying the book of Job. “Where is God when we are hurting?” The spiritual Peruvian is surely no theologian. He personally suffers from a serious myopathy (a heart condition) and his life expectancy is pointedly diminished. He worked for several years at a clinic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as a counselor. Miguel is convinced: God is not blind or unjust.

A thank you to Pastor Guimet for his stimulating lectures. Furthermore, we want to thank Sandra Bacher, Betty Kettner and Dr. Martina John for the thorough planning and organization.

Miguel Guimet
“We need not doubt, God is present!”
Extremely friendly women serving the food.
Die Stars
The Stars
Stricken oder Haekeln
During the lectures. The heads are buzzing and the fingers working.
Evening barbecue
Dr. Martina John draws the winners name for the raffle, adults and children alike.
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