A child goes missing

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And Carolin Klett shows maximal commitment

During her several years of work at Diospi Suyana, social worker, Carolin Klett, took care of many children. Of course, many of these boys and girls grew close to her heart. 4 months ago she returned to Germany. The following story is unprecedented.

7th of March: An 11 year old student from Colegio Diospi Suyana goes missing. He lives with his grandparents since his parents separated years ago. Nobody knows where he is.

His fellow classmates and several teachers form the school hand out flyers in Curahuasi with the picture of the boy. People were questioned on the streets, looking for a trace of the boy, even if only a small clue. The police extended the search to a nationwide search in Peru.

Daily prayers are said for the boy in the classes at school. Was he kidnapped and sold? (In Peru this is sadly rather common) Is his corpse already lying for days in some abandoned ditch?

Carolin Klett receives the bad news in Germany. She wants to help, to do something, take action. Spontaneously she books a flight to Peru and arrives in Curahuasi in the beginning of April.

Her decision to find the boy is, humanly seen, hopeless. The inhabitants are searching in the dark, the parents and grandparents as well. The police make no progress. But Carolin is not alone. She prays and that is why God is with her.
Carolin begins her search. Parallel to her search she is trying to find an orphanage for the younger sister of the boy. The living situation with the grandparents is so that the girl will also, sooner or later, look for help by running away. Carolin and Debora Centner become active and inspired in the surrounding facilities. On the 7th of April they drive up to an orphanage which is an hour drive from Curahuasi. The atmosphere of this Christian organization is positively impressive. This would be a good place for the girl. Before they leave, the social workers hand out some flyers with the picture of the boy.

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Carolin Klett found the lost – thanks to God’s help.

The face seems familiar to the director. “We have a boy here that looks very similar to the boy in the picture” he says, “but he has a totally different name!” Late in the evening Carolin receives an email form the director of the orphanage. “It is him, we have identified him!”

On March 7th Carolins protégé was riding his bike through the mountains of Curahuasi and on these intertwined paths found his way to this orphanage.
In the meantime, his sister has also found a home here.

As the director, Christian Bigalke, announced the good news a few days ago, a loud victory scream came from the students.

In a week Carolin Klett will return to Germany. She fulfilled her mission. She payed for the costs of her trip herself. What the Police were unable to accomplish, she managed with Gods blessings. The woman from Baden-Württemberg humbly arrives at the following conclusion: God does miracles.

Maybe you feel the same way I do. I am thankful to God and feel a deep respect for this woman.

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