A celebration acts as a turbo-accelerator

Chaski Medienzentrum slider

The colleagues in the media centre are rolling up their sleeves

The extremely successful opening ceremony of the Media Centre sets a great deal of radiant power free: the positive effects motivate immensely and release a lot of energy.  The “Chaski”, the most important newspaper of the Apurimac Province wrote about the celebrations on its cover page.  Doris Manco, Head of the Media Department, was visibly pleased with it!

Pilar Nores Gottesdienst slider
Sra. Pilar Nores, who has been Peru’s First Lady twice, visited the missionary hospital’s morning-service last Thursday; you cannot miss her sitting in the first row on the right with her blonde hair.

After the celebrations she spent the night in one of the hospital’s apartments, attending the early morning-service the next day and then going on a two hour tour of the hospital and school.

Planuing Medien Freitag slider
The team meeting on Friday morning was led by Dr John. The topics were aerials, transmitters, satellite-uplink and locations.

In the next two weeks we must put our money where our mouths are regarding the buying of high-tech equipment.  Two contracts need to be negotiated and signed.  Within the next few days we hope to be able to buy some property in Andahuaylas.

Treppe Medienzentrum slider
The staircase in the Media Centre – notice the light reflections on the wall.

A high quality Radio- and TV-programme cannot be carried on five pairs of shoulders.  Over the course of the next few weeks we need to employ more presenters, moderators, camera-crew and technicians.  If anyone thinks about the hospital or the school they should immediately also think about quality.  The Media Centre is no exception.

Pastor TV Aufnahme slider
A singer from Lima in the recording studio last Friday.

We are still in the experimenting phase.  Starting January 2017 we will hopefully have put together a detailed programme both for TV and for radio.  Ideally we will be able to reach by radio the 170,000 inhabitants of the Andahuaylas Province before Christmas.

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