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A farewell (but will they come back?)

The 2017/2018 team of voluntary welfare workers head back to Europe

On Friday we said goodbye to our 2017/2018 team of voluntary welfare workers.  Five of them spent their year helping out at the school, two of them at the hospital.  After the weekly raising of the flag at the Diospi-Suyana-School head of school, Christian Bigalke, got up to speak.  He thanked the young ladies for everything they had done in their year at Curahuasi and wished them God’s richest blessings for their fresh starts back home.  It was clear that Helen Schad, Cati Vollmer, Nele Oswald, Hanne Kühl and Miss Isabelle loved their time here.

Over their year at Diospi Suyana the “colegio-team” worked in several different areas: in the kindergarten, taught art, English, sport and literature, made meals in the kitchen and washed up afterwards, worked library shifts, accompanied the pupils on class excursions, acted as substitute teachers, translated teaching materials, taught a group of pupils and performed a musical, etc, etc, etc…!  We could never list all the things they did; their work was so worthwhile.

In the night from Thursday to Friday they relived their last day at school: they wrote greetings to pupils and staff on the boards, blocked corridors with furniture and exchanged the sound of the school gong with their favourite song – this meant that the pupils came dancing into the first break-time!

Then as their final act, before heading immediately to the airport, they mingled amongst the crowd and said their final farewells.  They will have a few days of “calm” before their flight leaves for Europe on Tuesday.

Since they want to become occupational therapists, teachers and doctors we secretly hope that they will come back to Diospi Suyana, since all these occupations are needed here in Curahuasi – even in five years!  Will they find their way to Curahuasi? Ojalá – hopefully!

Written on the board: “We love you loads!“
A final embrace.
And now the very final embrace.
The Secundaria (senior grade) wish our 2017/2018 team a good start back in Europe.
Tabitha Pranzas (in the upper red circle) and Tabea Mayer (in the red circle on the right) in the Lucmus-Children’s club.

By themselves Tabitha Pranzas and Tabea Mayer kept the flag flying at the hospital.  They worked hard supporting the administration and the reception teams.  All seven of the 2017/2018 team helped out with the eleven children’s clubs.