An evening with Paul Rüfenacht

Paul Rüfenacht

In storage halls and containers

Paul Rüfenacht is Swiss man with a good heart. Because on a Saturday evening he should be sitting comfortably at home on his couch. Instead he leads me through large storage halls and opens one large container after another for me. Since many years he has been working for Job International, an organization that supports development aid projects.

We are set to meet at 4:00. Since I didn’t know how long I would need for the almost 300 miles/500km in the car, the hard working director of the storage facility had to wait for me until after 5:00 pm. The warm handshake is welcomed, because the discovery tour through the storage units is a cold pleasure.

Thousands of products, old and new, are waiting for me. I can’t possibly take it all in as fast as the impressions in the aisles and shelves pass me by. Furniture, textiles, and even high-tech are stored neatly packaged for a good purpose. Paul Rüfenacht is familiar with Diospi Suyana as a trustworthy project since 2007. While I am pointing my finger to the left and the right, he is quickly taking pictures with a digital camera. We are both steaming, and after 2 hours we are through. As a result, a whole container with furniture for the hospital, the school and the media center will soon be off on a long journey.

Nighttime on the Highway. Relaxed at the wheel. Whether I arrive at 11.00pm or midnight in Wiesbaden, really doesn’t matter. With Gods help the one day mission in Swiss Steffisburg has been accomplished. And of course I am happy about the 5 digit sum that the Diospi Suyana has saved. /KDJ

Container oeffnen
A rewarding tour through containers.
We need all these wheelchairs.
Schraenke Hiob
Good quality cupboards and tables
Exactly the chairs we need
Very interesting: Hospital beds
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