Breaking News – Diospi-Suyana-Radio will soon reach 0.5 million people

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2 further frequencies in 2 States

One could call it a major breakthrough.  Yesterday the Ministry for Communications issued a public tender for a UKW-Frequency in Puno Province, which Diospi Suyana received.  0.23 mio people live in the immediate vicinity of Lake Titicaca.  We also got a frequency in Chincheros Province, a part of Apurimac State.  Taken together with our frequencies in the Andahuaylas Province and Curahuasi, 0.5 mio Peruvians live in the future catchment of our aerials.

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The Ministry‘s Concurso Público is nothing for weak nerves.  The interested parties have to hand in their tenders beforehand in sealed envelopes.  The result is also dependent on the application date, the intended purpose (commercial vs social) and the place of residence of the interested party.  One has no second chances in the bidding process.  The motto is: you have either won it or lost it.  No one knows the contents of the other envelopes.  One wants to win narrowly, but there is the danger of totally missing the mark and getting nothing.

11 of our 23 fellow competitors scored better than we did.  Six frequencies were available in Puno.  Our bid was perfectly placed, so that we were ranked second.

In Chincheros Province it was a totally different story: 3 buyers for the 4 frequencies.  The whole procedure only had a symbolic significance.

The Ministry for Transport and Communications tenders radio and TV licences twice a year.  The event was held in the Country Club in Lima.

We thank God for this fantastic opportunity to be able to reach so many people in Diospi Suyana Hospital’s catchment area with a Christian family programme.


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Chincheros Province is in the western part of the State.  Diospi Suyana is ranked first.
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Puno Province borders the famous Lake Titicaca.  Diospi Suyana is ranked second.
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The Ministry’s commission has the final word.
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