Breaking News: The second book about Diospi Suyana is finally here!

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God has seen us – Diospi Suyana, a story that goes around the world

Five years, five months and five days have passed since the publication of the first book. By the end of 2015, about 50,000 copies will have been sold in ​​English, German, Spanish and Romanian. And the sequel certainly will not disappoint. The back of the book reads:

Since the opening of the hospital in 2007, the adventure has continued. In this book you will experience how the work of Diospi Suyana continues, despite constant threats, corruption, and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. The miraculous hospital has been covered in 400 media reports worldwide. With its inexplicable twists, this story has fascinated millions of people.

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Dr. Martina John

The foreword was written by Dr. Martina John. Here is a brief excerpt: “It is a stunning sequel story that God wrote—and continues to write—with people and for people at Diospi Suyana. It all started with a man who wanted to see for himself that God is not only a construct of human imagination, a man who considers it a privilege to participate in God’s global work: my husband. I may be one of his sharpest critics, but I must say that he has done well! The stories show that God sees us, and that he is interested in how we see other people.

The proceeds of the author go to charity. You can find the sequel at your local bookstore or order it on Amazon for a two-day delivery.
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