Friendly fire

Slider friendly fire
And yet the two can still laugh

During times of war we sometimes hear the term “Friendly Fire.”  As two of our patients demonstrated yesterday, this term is not limited to only the battlefield.

It happened a week ago in a pasture in the district of Curahuasi.  Leonarda* is attacked head on by a cow.  In this struggle, the cow is the clear aggressor.  Nelida* rushes to her friend’s aid, armed with a heavy stick.  Now she is pounding the huge animal, but unfortunately some of her wild blows accidentally strike the head and back of Leonardas.  A classic case of “Friendly Fire.”

Fortunately, Dr. Martina John found no serious injuries last night.  The diagnostic tests found nothing abnormal.  Leonarda and Nelida now laugh about the incident itself.  In the future, maybe Nelida should identify a little better whether her target is friend or foe. *Name changed

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