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Radio Diospi Suyana

Echarate, Berlin and four times Curahuasi

Everywhere things are being built and planned

On the expedition team’s way back from the city of Quillabamba Doris Manco contacted us and was absolutely over the moon.  One could still hear our radio station in Echarate crystal clearly in the background.  Thus the reality of this location exceeded our expectations.  The head of our Media Centre wrote the Whatsapp while crossing this country-style bridge.

Berlin: Mrs Dr Petra Donner and her colleague Mr Franke are full of drive and Dr John is full of thanks.

In the German capital Dr Petra Donner from the company Friedrich-Aufzüge said: “Using our contact network we should be able to successfully complete the project ‘Outside lift for the Eye Clinic’!”  This statement is fantastic news for all visually impaired patients, who so far have always had to climb the staircase to the clinic.

Today building engineer Udo Klemenz reports from four building sites: “Dear Friends of Diospi Suyana, as the weather was not ideal for my team of five to continue with the earth works on the kindergarten building site, I asked them to relocate from the Colegio to the hospital on Wednesday.  As one of our best workmen had been relocated to our transmission facility in Echarate, we realised how desperately he was also needed back in Curahuasi.

But nevertheless we could make good progress with the foundation works of the kindergarten.  Half of the 17 foundation pits have been excavated and seven pits already contain the change of soil, namely 50-60 centimetres of lean concrete.  The encasing of the foundations is being prepared.

Building Site 1 – School building: the unfavourable soil conditions in the first foundation pits have been replaced by lean concrete.
The manual excavation is donkeywork.

Shortly we will install the hydraulic 9t car lift, sponsored by the Dutch company STERTIL KONI, under the roofed outdoor area between the workshop building and the bed wing.  Oebele de Haan (the man with the wooden shoes in yesterday’s daily news bulletin) made contact with the company.  In order to install it we only had to chisel away a 5cm thick concrete layer, which we replaced with a 23cm thick reinforced concrete slab, measuring 2.5m x 5m.

Building Site 2: a load-bearing concrete floor plate for the car lift.

The screed has been applied on the new access stairs.  The floor tiles in the first storey that have been chipped or broken through the building of the staircase have now been replaced and cleanly finished.  Next week the tiles will be laid on the staircase and then we can dismantle the outside access ramp.

Building Site 3 – Media Centre: working on the floor tiles.
Preparing the new flight of stairs before the tiling work commences.

The grillage for the suspended ceiling is 99% complete and the ceiling panels are being put in place.  However, due to the building’s geometrical floor plan, a lot of cutting work is needed.

The suspended ceiling.  The lighting fixtures are still missing.

Unfortunately, we are still waiting for ordered material to arrive from Lima so that we can finish the roof construction above the operating room Extension.

Building Site 4 – Operating rooms: some steel profiles are still missing.
Our freshly-sheered alpacas graze contently outside the patient rooms.

Cordial greetings from Curahuasi, Udo