Three Construction Sites are Better Than Two

 Slider Fenster Kirche

 Johannes Bahr is always looking for more work

Diospi Suyana friends and readers of the building report, because two sites are not enough, we’ve opened a third this past week.  The logistics area of the hospital needs additional storage space, therefore another room is being created to have additional shelving, etc.  Two workers from the construction team and two carpenters are tackling this job.  Parallel to this, of course, continues the work of the additional offices.  Currently, all five windows have been cut out, chiseled, and plastered.

At the school, the windows for the kindergarten have been completed.  The basement is still diligently being plastered and tiled.  Thank God the last few days have been sunny and dry, allowing us to move some dirt for the sports field again.  Worth mentioning also, of course, is that the plants have arrived this week and are gradually being planted.  Thus, the building report this week is a little shorter, but pictures often say more than words!

I wish you a nice weekend and God’s blessings, Johannes

An den Aluminiumtraegerkonstruktion für die Decke ist schon fertig
The aluminum support structure for the roof is finished
Bauschutt wird abtransportiert
Garbage is removed.
Der Kindergarten hat jetzt alle Fenster
The kindergarten now has all the windows.
Ein aufgeraeumterer Sportplatz
Cleaning the sports field.
Ein Pick-Up voller Blumen
A pickup truck full of flowers and plants
Eine Regenwasserrinne wird betoniert
A rain gutter is concreted
Landscape gardener Daniel Dressler and his team take care of the plants.
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