Dr. Steury, why didn´t you ask other doctors to come?

When Dr. Ernie Steury arrived in Kenya in 1959, nobody, not even he, knew what great life work was before him. Over the course of forty years he developed Tenwek hospital, a mission hospital in Eastern Kenya that has influenced others around the globe, from a tiny medical station.


We too were thinking of “Tenwek” when, back in 2007, we decided to start each day at Diospi Suyana with devotions.

Tenwek hospital suffered a chronic lack of doctors for many years and Dr. Ernie Steury was on call night and day, week in, week out, month in, month out.

His African assistant David Kilel once remembered the following conversation: One day as Dr. Steury and I met for prayer, I noticed how completely exhausted he was. So I asked him

“Dr. Steury, why don´t you ask at home in the USA for more missionary doctors? You are going to the dogs here. He answered me: David, I have spoken to them but they are not prepared to come. Maybe life is too comfortable where they are!”


And so I  answered: “That´s something we need to pray about!” So we got on our knees and asked God for the doctors that were desperately needed at the hospital.


Note: Times have changed, or have they?

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