Dr Dorothea Brady – power-house of energy

Dr Dorothea Brady is a paediatrician and mother of 3 small children. There is no chance for boredom in her life. She spent many years of her childhood in South Africa where her father taught at a German school in Johannesburg. Now she is married to an Austrian man of Czech descent.

Right now Dorothea is getting ready to move to a new house even as she works part-time in the mission hospital. In the photo at left, she is pictured with one of her young patients who had be suffering for days with painful, blotchy legs. She was able to diagnose the patient with “vasculitis”, an illness that often arises during childhood.

Indeed, working as a missionary doctor often resembles a balancing act, juggling family responsibilities with her profession as well as ministry work at the church. Only exceptional people can successfully carry out these myriad of duties and clearing Dorothea is made of the right stuff.

Dorothea´s husband is head of the Urology department and also holds the role of Deputy Director of the hospital. His ability to fulfil these roles is also very much due to the support of his wife.

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