Dr. David Brady – the Man of the Moment

At 2:30 on Thursday afternoon Hospital Diospi Suyana finally received the needed permit to dig a water well on the hospital´s property. A geology investigation made previously suggested the presence on water passing under the hospital. We will soon know it this is really the case!

This week Dr John visited various offices in Lima, accompanied by Dr David Brady. A Urologist from Austria, Dr Brady is the Deputy Director of the hospital.

After busy days in Lima, several things could be ticked off the list:

1) Import agency, PROSOI – the 15th shipping container is on its way.

2) APCI – application to tax refunds

3) CONEP – visa matters for new missionaries

4) Presentation of the German-Peruvian Chamber of Commerce

5) Appointment with the Vice Health Minister, Dr Meliton Arce

6) Appointment at the Health Ministry – hospital registration

7) Check in with Macromedica – the company that has been contracted to produce needed furniture and equipment for the hospital

8) Visit with the manager of Braun – donation of IV solutions for the hospital

9) Talk with the Dean of the Peruvian Medical Association – licensing issues

Dr David Brady studied medicine in Vienna and Strasbourg. He and his wife, Dr Dorothea Brady (a pediatrician) have been married for nearly 9 years. They have two children, Anna (3yrs) and Konstantin (1yr). The Bradys met Dr Klaus and Martina John in 2003 when they were mission doctors in Ecuador. Clearly this was not just a chance meeting.

Diospi Suyana wishes Dr Brady a lot of success in his new responsibilities.

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