Dr Benjamin Zeier and MRTA Melanie Friesen on a search for rarities

What a peculiar tumour in the lower abdomen region

The young man hailing from Andahuaylas said he was feeling testicular pain and Dr Benjamin Zeier immediately started examining him.  The x-ray of the urinary organs revealed that both kidneys in the flanks were missing.  But can a human survive without them?  A very intriguing case.

Melanie Friesen (left) and Benjamin Zeier (right) have discovered an absolute rarity.

The riddle’s solution could be found in the lower abdomen region.  Having found a large tumour the urologist asked MRTA Melanie Friesen for a computer tomogram.  The diagnosis: conglomerate kidney.  Both kidneys have melted into one and thus they were not in their usual place.  This malformation is so rare that even in the internet one can hardly find reliable data.

Fortunately the patient’s kidney tissue is fully functional and thus he needs no further treatment.



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