Don’t Hold Your Breath

In Peru the wheels turn slower than in Europe. A positive response from a company of official doesn’t necessarily mean “full steam ahead”, even if a written approval is lying on the table.

Nevertheless, if one has a bit of patience – actually an extreme amount of patience – then often success eventually comes.

For example :

1) In October 2007, Dr John met with the Energy Minister and received a written agreement for a discount in the electric bill for the mission hospital, along with a promise from the State Energy Authority to assume the costs of the external light poles. Five months drifted by, but yesterday the light poles were planted. Furthermore, as of the 1st of March the 30% discount on the electric bill will take effect.

2) For the past year mission doctors, Klaus and Tina John have been working on getting their German medical degrees recognized here in Peru. Finally there is hope that this will finally be achieved by the end of March.

3) In the spring of 2006 the City Council of Curahuasi promised to relocate the town’s slaughterhouse from beside the hospital. This promise was even broadcast on the local television station. In the 24 months since this announcement, one thing is certain – a lot of water has flowed down the Apurimac River – however the slaughterhouse still sits stinking beside the hospital!

There are many more stories like this. Sometimes one feels like banging one’s head against the wall in frustration. However, everything has its time. In Peru everyone who is willing, can learn patience – and here patience is certainly a valuable virtue!

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