Donation: Beds and Bedside Tables for Diospi Suyana

– Dr. Alexander Schwenke, intern surgeon, organized the donation for Diospi Suyana.

– Dorst Haulage Co. took on transportation of the 39 beds, 45 bedside tables and a fluorescent screen from Rastatt to Darmstadt at no charge.

– Several members of staff at Schenck helped unload and store the furniture safely on the premises provided by their company at no charge.

Help us make Diospi Suyana well-equipped. More information on equipment donations at Equipments offered. A list of needs can be found at our needs list.

Previous photo: strong men in Rastatt

Photo 2: The strong team from Schenck

Photo 3: Unloading the beds

Photo 4: Unloading the bedside tables

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