Dominik Hüttner Counts More Than 81,000 Patient Visits

Although there is a lack of doctors, the Diospi Suyana hospital has already registered 81,137 patient visits. That’s the result of Dominik Hüttner’s calculation as of Friday, Aug. 19, 2011 at 1:44 pm (local Peruvian time). Mr. Hüttner has recently joined the hospital’s administrative staff.

The majority of our patients are Quechua Indians. These Indians from the Peruvian Andes have been and are still without adequate medical care. In addition, they are often treated with condescension and indifference when visiting state-run health care facilities.

If we had more missionary doctors on staff, we could help and treat even more patients. Please pray with us that more doctors will join Diospi Suyana on a long-term basis.