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Radio Diospi Suyana

Does God also act in our private lives?

Lilli Janzen from Harsewinkel gives us insight into her past

My name is Lilli, I am 41 years old and I work as a nurse.  My husband is 39 and works as a teacher at a Christian school and our children are aged 9 and 11.

A couple of years ago I read Dr John’s first book.  I forget how I came across it.  Perhaps someone gave it to me, being a nurse, or I bought it myself.  I cannot remember.  But one thing is for certain: I was seriously impressed by the book or should I say by Family John’s trust in God.  But not only that.  I could relate to God’s provision, since we as a family experienced a time in which we lived every day trusting in God – in the sure conviction that he would care for us.

It is hard to believe, but even in Germany it is possible to fall into gaps in the law; suddenly no one is responsible for you anymore.

My husband was still studying when our children were born.  After one year maternity leave I went back to work part-time 45%, because I did not want others to bring up my children.  During that time my husband and I could divide up looking after them.  But the salary was only enough to pay the rent and get a little something to eat.  Then it was completely used up.  We thought that the Federal Government would help us in some way, but we were badly mistaken.

My husband comes from Ukraine and had finished his studies there, but here in Germany his university qualification was not recognised.  And, as it officially was his second degree, he was entitled to neither a student loan nor grant.  Furthermore, since he was not available for the job market he was not eligible for unemployment benefits.  And on top of that our income was too low so that we could not apply for a children’s supplement.

At the beginning I felt totally desperate.  Every morning when I turned on my laptop to check our account balance I felt sick.  Then one day I told God: “You have given us our children.  I am going to trust you to deal with rest, with everything that we lack!”

From that day onwards I stopped checking our account balance and God started caring for me and my family in the most amazing ways.  Back then my children never wore better quality clothes and lacked neither toys nor anything else.  If I started writing down every that God did for us, I could write a proper book.

That is why I could so identify with what Mr John wrote.  Having finished reading the book I googled Diospi Suyana online.  But that was as far as I went with the topic.

Then I heard that Mr John was holding a talk about his work in our church on 8th March.  I knew that I was going, come what may.  My children came with me.  Afterwards my son (11) said: “Mama, that was by far the coolest thing I have ever heard!”…

… I must honestly say that the time of my life in which I truly had to trust in God to provide for us every new day was the most exciting and most wonderful time of my life.  Once my husband had finished studying and started earning money I was a bit wistful!”