Does Diospi Suyana treat the actual target group?

We will register our patient Nr. 20,000 during the next week. 1000 patients were treated in November 2007. In September 2008, the number was 2346.

An analysis of all our patients in October showed the following:

1. Approximately 85 % of the patients live in simple houses of adobe or wood.

2. Almost 75 % of the patients speak Quechua or know the language.

3. 1/5 of the patients are from Curahuasi, 4/5 are from other districts or federal states.

Result: The hospital Diospi Suyana really helps its target group, ie the people from the highland (Quechuas) of the south of Peru.

20 % of the people who come for help in the hospital are from the middle class.

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