Does Diospi Suyana have its head in the ground?

Diospi Suyana wants to establish and run a modern hospital for the Quechua indians living in the Andes of Southern Peru. We have been working with very diverse groups to achieve this goal. We are working with Protestants and Catholics, with Christians and atheists, rich and poor people, Germans, Peruvians and Americans. We are obviously not working in isolation. We are not afraid to work with people who are different from us; we are pragmatic and focused on the goal.

But philosophically we agree with Martin Luther: “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God!” Psalm 31 says that God is the future for those who trust in him. Only with God’s blessing can our project in Curahuasi succeed. We confess our faith in Jesus Christ irregardless of whether this might result in advantages or disadvantages in a modern Western society. Our commitment to God is not negotiable and we, at Diospi Suyana will stick to this principle.

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