Does a mission hospital really need a CT?

Several days ago a mother brought her 13yr old son into the Outpatient Clinic. Since November the boy had been suffering from frequent epileptic seizures. With these suspicious symptoms, the next logical step was to order an investigation of the brain using CT.

The diagnosis: Neurocysticercosis

In this unusual disease the larvae from a type of intestinal tapeworm can penetrate the intestinal wall and settle in various organs of the body, including the brain. Cysts form around the parasite and then finally calcifications form in the inactive sites. Among the possible complications of this process are epileptic seizures.

With an accurate diagnosis, this boy’s illness can be successfully treated. We are pleased that because of our CT machine a swift diagnosis was made possible.

Clearly, a CT machine along with a radiologist like Dr Renate Engisch make the perfect combination for Hospital Diospi Suyana.

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