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Doctor’s licenses for Dr Werner Keßler and Dr Julian Swanson

Diospi Suyana congratulates most cordially

A picture for the annals.  The dean of Cusco’s Medical Chamber Dr Héctor Paucar Sotomayor smiles into the camera.  He is surrounded by seven doctors who just received their state licenses.  Ophthalmologist Dr Werner Keßler (on the right) and internist Dr Julian Swanson (far right) were part of this illustrious group.

Through yesterday’s festive ceremony all current missionary doctors working at the hospital Diospi Suyana have a valid license.

Dr Werner Keßler framed by Dr Ursula Buck and his wife Sonja – next to her you can see their daughter Johanna Sophie.

Dr Ursula Buck and Sonja Keßler were among the first to congratulate them.  The colleagues had a hard and tricky path to finally reach this goal.  A longwinded process is needed before you foreign doctor’s license is recognised in Peru.  Without patience and perseverance one will never make it through the administrative jungle.

All that remains now is for us to wish Werner and Julian tonnes of energy and God’s blessing for their work at the missionary hospital.