Do you speak English?

Sophia Oester slider1

Yes we do!

For more than three weeks the Diospi Suyana school has a new colleague. The young Austrian might be a new member of the Team, but she is already well-known within the Curahuasi community. In 2012 Sophia Oester practiced with 150 boys and girls  a modern musical which was performed in the amphitheater of Diospi Suyana. Perhaps that’s why Sopia feels so free and easy in our town.

Sophia Oester mit Rekorder
Sophia Oester

In the picture we can see her on her way to school equipped with everything she needs for a lively and vivid English class. It doesn’t bother her at all that the students in Curahuasi are way less educated than her previous students in the Alps. And that is good. Her ideas and energy will be needed urgently in the years to come. Together with Allison Caire, Manuela Trinker and Christian Bigalke she helps to offer efficient English lessons in the Colegio Diospi Suyana. A real challenge!

We as colleagues are very grateful for her dedication to the students and we wish her every success for the upcoming years. (CB)

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