Discipline with a Clear Goal

Dear Friends of Diospi Suyana,

Last week, we had some heavy rain. After having a word with our roofing sub-contractor, major parts of the patient ward were roofed despite the bad weather.

The steel frame for the church roof has been erected and, hopefully, a roof can be put on soon. Then, most “issues” would have been addressed and the building would be dry. The roof for the south wing with connection to the hospital work shop could be considered done as well.

Oxytec has made good progress installing copper piping for the medical gases in the OR/ICU/delivery rooms. All pressure checks have been successful, and we can attest that they have done their job thoroughly.

The team responsible for the plaster is working on the OR building, the lab and patient areas. Hopefully, we will be done with this part of the construction soon. Like on most construction sites around the world, but especially in South America this type of work is the messiest!

Have a relaxing and blessed weekend, Udo

Die Herstellung und der Einbau der Türzargen geht auch weiterhin ganz gut voran. Zur Zeit werden die Zargen für die breiten Flurtüren eingebaut.

Die Verputzerkolonnen arbeiten im OP-Gebäude, dem Labortrakt und dem Patientenbereich. Hoffentlich werden die Verputzarbeiten bald beendet. Wie auf allen Baustellen dieser Welt sind dies die größten “Dreckmacher”, besonders aber anscheinend in Südamerika – einfach furchtbar!

Ein erholsames und gesegnetes Wochenende wünscht euch Udo.

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