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Radio Diospi Suyana

Diospi Suyana’s Christmas letter has been sent

15 volunteers were busy for eight hours

9,000 Information Letters convey our Christmas wishes to our friends across the globe.  Yesterday our volunteers had their work cut out as they performed the task of putting the beautiful friendship-bands – they had been made by Indian women – into the envelopes.  Through the sale of these textile-bands one Quechua-Indian even finances her studies.

The printing of the letters was, as always, done free of charge by the company Klaus Koch based in Wiesbaden-Nordenstadt. We thank all friends and supporters of our work and know that our round-robin letters enjoy large popularity, e.g. being hung up on fridges, lying in bathrooms or a kitchen- and living-room-tables.  A fair number are even passed round the recipients’ neighbourhoods.  Were they sent electronically they would never ever have such an effect.

Shortly the readers will see that despite all challenges Diospi Suyana grows from year to year.  Alone in this year we will have provided medical treatment to 60,000 patients in need.  For Diospi Suyana a new record.

Enjoy opening and reading you letter!

Voluntarily working hard and full of concentration.
Every letter contains a friendship band.