Diospi Suyana’s 2013 appreciation award goes to…

In May our tomography machine gave up the ghost. Several technicians tried to fix the machine, but, unfortunately, without success. Only one person did not lose hope. Christian Oswald, the system specialist of Diospi Suyana, worked very hard, looking for the program defect within the control computers, for hours and hours. The months passed. Last Monday, the 21st of October, Christian’s normally concentrated face wore a huge smile. The CT worked again.

Without doubts, Christian merits Diospi Suyana’s great recognition. The prize will be delivered in a solemn act the first week of November, with two"Ritter Sport" chocolates.

If Christian Oswald at some time finishes his service as missionary in Diospi Suyana, he also can offer his technical service as personnel in the company Siemens. Of all the experts of Siemens – Peru there was none who found the defect except Christian. /KDJ

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