Diospi Suyana’s 13th birthday has a world-wide meaning

Congratulations from friends and companions

Throughout the day Radio Diospi Suyana broadcast interviews on the occasion of Diospi Suyana’s 13th birthday.  The two-times former first Lady Peru Pilar Nores wrote the following: “To this anniversary I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks for your work, dedication and service to the poorest of my country!”

Pilar Nores de Garcia, Diospi Suyana’s patron (Photo: TV-Peru).

In his audio-greeting Carlos Franco, the former president of Alianza Lima Football Club – the equivalent of Bayern Munich in Germany – underlined Diospi Suyana’s true meaning.  The coincidences of Diospi Suyana prove that miracles do still happen today and that God really exists.  Diospi Suyana has positively improved the life-situations of tens of thousands of Peruvians.

Carlos Franco, a close friend of Diospi Suyana.

Diospi Suyana thanks all friends worldwide for their faithful support.  To date 200 long-term missionaries have worked in Curahuasi, roughly 250 companies have donated materials and equipment and at least 0.15mio benevolent people generously support our work financially.  The missionary hospital has treated 385,000 patients – mainly Quechua Indians.  20,000 people follow Diospi Suyana’s work on Facebook.  After the missionary doctors John’s public declaration end of May 2020 more than 1.6mio Peruvians visited our websites on social media to express, be it directly or indirectly, their sympathies for Diospi Suyana.  Dr John has personally met four Peruvian Presidents in the Presidential Palace and told them his wife’s and his own story of faith.

More than 500 TV, radio and press reports have transported our conviction – that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob still lives and works today in the lives of his followers – throughout the world.  The headmaster of a European high-school once said: “I myself am an atheist, but I have to confess that Diospi Suyana has become a beacon of faith!”

The cake was delicious and big.
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