Diospi Suyana interest meeting on May 6 in Langgöns at 1:30 p.m.

Chronic need for employees

Diospi Suyana’s concept of quality treatment of poor patients works because of the commitment of the missionaries. They come to Peru as doctors, nurses, social and administrative workers for at least three years. They are responsible for building a circle of friends. You can hear how this works on May 6 in Langgöns. Mission doctors John will present the different fields of work.

– Kids clubs
– Hospital
– School
– Radio- TV
– Festivals

We are especially urgently looking for a gynecologist at the moment. Of course, you may ask all your questions. Perhaps May 6 will radically change the way you plan your life. If you are interested, please contact Karin Straßheim at the local history office.

info@diospi-suyana.org www.diospi-suyana.org – +49 6447 886498

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