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Radio Diospi Suyana

Diospi Suyana in ZDF fundraising gala “A heart for the children”

This evening with Johannes B. Kerner

Also this year eight social projects are presented to the public during the fundraising gala “A heart for the children”.  It is the first time that Diospi Suyana is one of the projects.  A question time follows a short TV-documentary.  (S)He who wants to know how it was possible to build a modern hospital in the Andes from nothing, will be pointed to the definite book.

It is available in six languages.

This summer the 10th edition of the book “I have seen God“ was printed.  It is available in six languages and more translations are currently being worked on.  The gripping report explains how a high-tech hospital came into existence in a region of bitter poverty.  Without Bill Gates, the UN, oil sheikhs or loans.

The reader asks the question: what sort of an energy lies behind faith.  Is it only the positive energy of autosuggestion or is it the real power from above, namely God?

Many people have read this book cover to cover in one long night. (Lion Hudson, Oxford)