Diospi Suyana in the world of media

Just in time at 8:30 am, I entered the advertising agency. Ten minutes later, I showed them the presentation of Diospi Suyana. The boss, Sr. Fernando Fascioli, was listening attentively.

The PR-company wants to help us gratis with the following projects:

1. The Diospi Suyana movie will be translated, edited and offered to the Peruvian TV stations.

2. The Diospi Suyana leaflet will be translated, and the printing costs will be paid.

3. McCann also wants to get in touch with other companies and media.

A few months ago, a German couple met a director of Nestle, who got in touch with McCann.

At that time, the circumstances were mysterious. You could immediately see that God had his hands in it!

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